Max B. Martins

rodilý mluvčí
As I grew up in Chicago, I became aware of different environments and also of different ways of life. I believe firmly that being open minded is always a positive attitude. I offer to Scio not only my work experience and educational background, I also bring an open mind to the teach-learn process. I bring an open space as a classroom. A classroom that stands for positive environment and creativity. A classroom where challenges are constantly taken with spirit and thriving attitude. An open space where the student will extend his/ her confidence.At scio the classroom will have only the limits set by our universe.

If kids need to go to school, then let them have some fun about it. I grew up going to traditional education institutions. I had little or no fun at all, and lots of homework. Learning has a better and significant meaning when you give pupils the opportunity to be themselves and to take challenges by their own hands. So I bring to Scio the chance to lead a classroom with enjoyment for learning. I bring to Scio a room where students will find different pathways to achieve their goals. A room where freedom is balanced with duties and care.


5. ScioŠkola přijímá pro školní rok 2020/2021 24 dětí.

povinným kritériem pro přijetí je soulad rodičů s hodnotami a principy ScioŠkol

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